The Investor Compensation Company Limited ("ICC") is established for the administration of claims against the Investor Compensation Fund ("Fund"). We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC").

Our jobs are to receive, assess and determine claims against the Fund, make payments to claimants and pursue recoveries against defaulting licensed intermediaries or authorized financial institutions including:

(i) an intermediary licensed or registered for dealing in securities or dealing in futures contracts; or

(ii) an intermediary licensed for securities margin financing; or

(iii) an authorized financial institution which provides securities margin financing.

We perform the following functions, which have been transferred to the ICC under the Securities and Futures (Transfer of Functions - Investor Compensation Company) Order:

  • Management and administration of the Fund
  • Publishing a Notice Inviting Claims
  • Determining whether a claim not lodged within the time limit
  • Accepting a claim lodged
  • Determining a claim for compensation
  • Requiring records to be produced
  • Issuing a Notice of Determination
  • Paying compensation and determining the order of such payments