Notice Inviting Claims



Great Honest Investment Company Limited



Notice under section 3 of the Securities and Futures
(Investor Compensation - Claims) Rules

Notice Inviting Claims in respect of
Great Honest Investment Company Limited

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that qualifying clients1 of Great Honest Investment Company Limited ("Great Honest") who believe they may have sustained a loss as a result of default2 by that company may lodge an application for compensation against the Investor Compensation Fund ("ICF").

Claims may be lodged by post or in person with the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") at 8th Floor, Chater House, 8 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. Claims must be submitted in the specified form and must reach the SFC on or before 22 August 2008. Claim forms can be downloaded from the website of the Investor Compensation Company Limited ("ICC") ( or collected from the SFC's office at the above address.
Claim forms must be duly completed and signed, and submitted together with the documents specified in the form. Claims lodged after 22 August 2008 may be disallowed.

An acknowledgement of receipt of the claim form will be issued and sent to claimants by post within 7 days of receipt. Claimants who do not receive an acknowledgement within 7 days should follow up with the ICC promptly.

Claimants who have already lodged a claim for compensation with the ICC need not submit their claim again, but should follow up with the ICC if an acknowledgement of receipt from the ICC as aforesaid has not been received.

The submissions of claim forms or other information to Mr John Lees (currently appointed by the High Court as administrator of Great Honest) shall not be treated as submissions of claims for compensation against the ICF, and separate applications must be lodged with the SFC as aforesaid.

Further details and information are also available on the website of the ICC.

                                                               Investor Compensation Company Limited

19 May 2008

1   Qualifying clients include retail clients
2   Default includes any breach of trust, defalcation, fraud or misfeasance