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The ICC Launches New Website

  The Investor Compensation Company Limited ("ICC") today announces the launch of its new corporate website. The URL of the ICC website is

The ICC website features a column "How to Claim". It educates the investors the details of claims against the Investor Compensation Fund such as when can an investor lodge a claim, how to lodge a claim, the claim procedures and calculation of compensation amount etc. A series of claim scenarios are also included in the ICC website to illustrate the compensation amounts an investor could receive under different scenarios.

The public can also download claim forms, completed claim form samples and claim rules from the ICC web site. The ICC website also includes a facility for e-mail enquiry from the public.

The ICC web site is also an information platform for claimants. In the event of licensed intermediary or authorized financial institution default, the ICC website will post as soon as possible the relevant information such as Notice Inviting Claims, documentations needed to lodge a claim and the deadline of the claims, so that the investors who suffer money losses can understand how to lodge a claim with the ICC efficiently and effectively.

The ICC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Securities and Futures Commission. The ICC is responsible for receipt, determination and payment of valid claims against the Investor Compensation Fund in respect of defaults of covered intermediaries.

The ICC General Manager Mr. John Lau said, "The launching of the new ICC website allows the investors to know more about their protection and areas to notice when investing. Market practitioners and the public can also assess information about the latest development of the ICC and news about the Investor Compensation Fund. We will continuously update the information and add new features to the website to make it more useful."